Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fun

And it's Friday again. Yay! Love Fridays. For our "heading into the weekend with a smile" moment, my friend Nony (short for Anonymous and the source of ALL the funny videos I post) suggested the one below. Because, really, what do you think would happen if Charles Barkley and Bjork sat down for a conversation?

Have a great weekend. 


Jillian said...

Wow, my mind is racing with the possibilities.

April Plummer said...

Man, I can't watch at work! Will star this to watch later!

Liv said...

My favorite part is when she makes it snow. So silly! Thanks Jillian and April for checking out the post.

Marianne said...

I so needed this today!

Liv said...

I'm glad I was here to provide it for you, then, Marianne. Hope you have a happy birthday on Sunday!

Charles Hicks-Moore said...

I Love This SNL Skit! So bizarrely right on! :-)

Liv said...

Stick around, Charles. There's more where this one came from.
Thanks for checking out my blog.